Danfoss Partnership

June 18th, 2013 Posted by NEWS 0 thoughts on “Danfoss Partnership”

SGS Refrigeration Sales is pleased to announce that it has partnered
with Danfoss to represent its lines of Industrial Refrigeration Valves and
Controls in the North East, Mid Atlantic and South East markets.

SGS Refrigeration Sales is a Manufacturer’s Representative Sales
Company whose principals are, Don Chason, Ed Schinner and Peter
Spellar. SGS Refrigeration Sales represent a broad range of Industrial
Refrigeration equipment manufacturers that in addition to Danfoss
include, the SGS/Krack line of Industrial Evaporators and the Mycom
USA range of Reciprocating and Screw Compressor products.

Danfoss offers a complete line of refrigeration valves and electronic
controllers. Products for industrial refrigeration include mechanical and
electronic controls, and modular solutions with interchangeable
housings for line components, control valves, and valve stations. The
award winning Danfoss FlexlineTM offers weld-in housing solutions for all
industrial refrigeration applications and solutions. With a 754 psig
rating, it is compatible with high pressure refrigerants including CO2.
With customer driven innovation, Danfoss can tailor a solution that
works best for you.

We plan on scheduling a visit to meet with you in the near future. In
the meantime, for any of your needs for, Valves, Controls, Evaporators
and Compressor Packages please contact us.


SGS Refrigeration Sales